K-TEK”s BETA Air Relay, a  pilot-operated, snap-action pneumatic switch,  features a patented, snap-action mechanism designed to address problems associated with throttling bands. Unlike other pilot-operated vent valves, the Air Relay can be fine-tuned for accurate increasing or decreasing action. The switch features a narrow deadband, as low as 10 mbar, and supports pilot supply and signal pressures up to 7.0 bar. Designed for valve control, bleed-off shut-down, or alarm applications, the BETA Air Relay can also be used in hazardous areas, including Zone 0 (no spark) applications. The switch is available in two configurations: TYPE SA for normally closed (NC) operation and TYPE SB for normally open (N.O.) operation. The BETA Air Relay has been certified by KEMA for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.