Emerson Process Management”s Smart Wireless THUM Adapter is designed for installation on existing HART field instruments to free up diagnostics and process information that had previously been inaccessible in wired legacy system installations. Most HART instruments have diagnostics and process data, yet this information goes unused because older legacy systems are not equipped to receive HART communications. While it is often too expensive and complicated to access this data through traditional wired means, upgrading devices with the THUM Adapter offers a more cost-effective way to access diagnostic and process information.

The THUM Adapter is a WirelessHART device that can retrofit on almost any two or four-wire HART device, without special power requirements, to enable wireless transmission of measurement and diagnostic information. Devices with the THUM Adapter operate as components of Emerson’s Smart Wireless self-organizing field networks, delivering field intelligence.

The THUM Adapter allows access to advanced diagnostics through Emerson”s AMS Suite to tap into the power of in-situ meter verification for magnetic flowmeters and Coriolis meters, enabling significant operational improvements. The THUM Adapter can be purchased alone or as part of the Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit that comes pre-configured out of the box to immediately form a secure, robust self-organizing network. The Starter Kit includes a Smart Wireless Gateway, a 25-tag license for AMS Device Manager software, five to 100 wireless devices and Emerson-supplied SmartStart installation services.