Flowmeter PickoffFlow Technology Inc. (FTI)’s microLinK smart turbine flowmeter pickoff has an enhanced amplifier design that offers better overall performance to standard pickoffs, the company says. The microLinK pickoff may be the world’s smallest and most compact temperature/viscosity/density-compensated linearized CANbus turbine pickoff. With approximately less than 20mS response time and a temperature rating -40 C to 125 C standard, this pickoff will handle the full range of most flow applications and allow for "under-the-hood" applications. A linearized flow output (mass or volume) is provided via a user configurable pulse output, as well as via CANbus digital communication. Up to three fluid density/viscosity profiles can be stored in microLinK, enabling the user to seamlessly switch between fluids on the fly. The microLinK is available in three configurations: MS connector, flying leads with NPT, and flying leads without NPT.