Yokogawa Data StationYokogawa’s GX and GP data acquisition stations and GA10 software are the first members of the all-new SMARTDAC+ product family that incorporates Smart User Interface, Smart Architecture, and Smart Functionality design principles. GX and GP users can now measure more input signals, save data for longer time periods, and access that data more readily via touch-display screens and a real-time Web browser interface. GX and GP models begin with an all-new touch screen operator interface and fully modular and scalable I/O. The GX is a NEMA-4 rated panel-mount system, and the GP is a portable, bench-top model, which is the functional twin of the GX. Both share the same performance specifications and standard high-capacity SD flash memory data storage. Large GX20 and GP20 models feature a 12.1-inch touchscreen, and the smaller GX10 and GP10 models feature a 5.7-inch touchscreen. The standard Ethernet interface provides network functions that include Web server, FTP file transfer, email messaging, Modbus TCP client/server connectivity, and more. GX20 models are available now, and GX10 and GP series models will be released in January 2013. – www.yokogawa.com