Danfoss Water &Wastewater’s VLT 2800 variable frequency drives are now available with enhanced sleep functionality, run-drydetection, and pipe-fill mode as standard. These new features are designed to improve pump operation and protection, whileincreasing overall energy efficiency. Themultipurposedrives are engineered specifically for low-power applications and areavailable in 0.5 to two HP, 200-240 V, one or three-phase; three tofive HP, 200-240 V, three-phase; and 0.75 – 25 HP, 380-480 Vconfigurations. They offerside-by-side mounting in any direction and include a built-in PIDcontroller, RFI filter, DC coils, and cold-plate technology asstandard. Bookstyle drives upto 10 HP are also available with IP20 protection as standard and NEMA 1optional. Drives in the 15-25 HP range come standard with a NEMA 1enclosure. An integrated RS485 interface is standard, with integratedDevicenet or PROFIBUS as available options.