Elster”s Q.Sonic Plus ultrasonic gas flowmeter features a patented six-path (16 measurement chords) configuration technology with self-monitoring software. It also provides automatic updates on all diagnostics, providing continued accuracy even after long periods of operation. The meter is designed primarily for gas transmission lines, including shale gas, and has the capability to operate with both upstream and downstream applications. The meter performs automatic “health checks” on all diagnostics and provides status updates, basic alerts, and warnings on the meter”s performance. The meter is designed to simplify monitoring by distilling a large amount of data into simple concise “Go” or “No Go” instructions. The advanced six-path configuration with 16 chords allows the Q.Sonic Plus to view the entire gas flow as no other ultrasonic meter has in the past, thus visualizing and accounting for flow profile, swirl, asymmetry and turbulence, providing long-term accuracy and early dirty meter detection.