Siemens Energy & Automation”s Sitrans P DSIII digital pressure transducer is Profibus-PA compliant and supports SIL2 safety shutdown in accordance with IEC 61508/IEC 61511-1. The standard device includes a Profisafe driver for measuring pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow, and level. This allows failsafe transfer of the pressure transducer”s measured values via Profibus. In a typical Profisafe safety application, the pressure transducer is connected via Profibus-PA with a Simatic-S7-400F controller that triggers a safe shutdown, such as the Sipart PS2 PA electropneumatic Profibus-PA positioner. In the case of “redundant/diverse” design, measuring circuits up to safety level SIL3 can be established. Measured values are determined in several ways and compared internally. With the Simatic PDM configuration tool, Sitrans P DSIII is first started up as a regular Profibus-PA device and then the Profisafe safety functions are activated. The files required for this, such as the “Device Description” and the “Safety Manual,” are available at