EXAIREXAIR”s new siphon-fed spray nozzles atomize fluids in a range of spray patterns for a variety of uses. The nozzles require no liquid pressure and can be used with gravity-fed liquids or lift liquids from a siphon height as much as 36 inches (91cm). They combine liquid and compressed air to create a thin coating of liquid that can be adjusted to application needs. With the siphon-fed atomizing nozzles, you can coat, cool, treat, and paint a variety of products using compressed air and liquids with a viscosity of up to 200 centipoise. Used with water, atomizing nozzles are an efficient way to evenly cool hot items in automated processes. The stainless steel construction adds to their durability and corrosion resistance. The atomizing nozzles are available in a variety of flow patterns and rates. – www.exair.com