KROHNE”ssingle-Ztube flowmeter, the OPTIMASS Series 3000, is designed for preciseblending, dosing, and batching applications in low-flow environments. Available in threesizes, the flowmeter is suitable for flowratesfrom 0.66 lbs/min up to 16.5 lbs/min (0.3- 455 kg/h). In addition to flowrates, the flowmeter measures density, temperature, andconcentration. The flowmeter incorporates secondary pressurecontainment with the option of a heating jacket and includes wettedparts in stainless steel and Hastelloy. The flowmeter’ssmall footprint enables easy installation. The flowmeter is approved forhazardous environment applications and ismanufactured in accordance with FM, ATEX, Cenelec, and European PressureDirectives (EPD) standards. TheOPTIMASS Series3000 is a part of KROHNE’s  OPTIMASS family, whichalso includes a range of straight-tube meters applicable for a range offlowrates and applications. The OPTIMASS line incorporates innovativeelectronics, including a permanently mounted sensor signal processorand an integrally or remotely mounted converter.