Gas DetectorThe Dräger X-am 5100 portable, single-gas detector was specifically developed for the detection of hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen chloride (HCI), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and hydrazine (N2H4) reactive gases. The X-am 5100 is particularly suited to applications such as monitoring alkylation units in the petrochemical industry, checking HF during the injection process for the extraction of crude oil, testing H2O2 during the bleaching process in pulp and paper production, monitoring sterilization units used in the medical field, and monitoring hydrazine used for propulsion. The monitor was designed to prevent reactive gases from depositing on the housing (gas adsorption). Direct gas entry to the sensor, fast sensor response times, and precise measurement results are also ensured with this design. If the monitor’s alarms are activated, it warns the user with audible, visual and vibration alarms. The gas monitor is protected against dust and water ingress and has an IP 54 rating. It features explosion protection according to Directive 94/9/EC and is resistant to high impact and vibrations. Electromagnetic compatibility has also been tested according to Directive 2004/108/EC. The gas monitor’s intuitive menu is easy to navigate with just two buttons.