NSF International certified Simon Co.’s HIM Safe polyethylene pipe and fittings to the Australian WaterMark Certification Scheme for plumbing, water treatment, and distribution products.

Simon Co.’s products are the first polyethylene pipe and fitting products to earn WaterMark certification from NSF International, and Simon Co. can now use the WaterMark logo on approved products and distribute to the Australian, Malaysian, and New Zealand markets.

WaterMark certification is required for products to be legally installed in the water supply system in Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand. To earn WaterMark certification, Simon Co.’s pipe and fittings were submitted to an NSF laboratory and subjected to material safety, performance, and structural integrity testing to the AS/NZS 4130 (polyethylene pipes for pressure applications) and AS/NZS 4129 (fittings for polyethylene pipes for pressure applications) standards.

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NSF also conducted an audit of Simon Co.’s manufacturing facility to verify product formulations, supplier, and quality assurance/quality control records, and that only authorized materials are used to manufacture the product.