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Siemens has announced it will sell its business unit known as Siemens Water Technologies, which offers solutions for municipal and industrial water purification and wastewater treatment, along with the corresponding service activities.

“This business shows only minor synergies with our industrial portfolio, as the skills for water treatment are primarily based on chemical expertise. Instead of investing into that business, we want to gear our resources toward our core portfolio,” said Siegfried Russwurm, member of the Siemens AG Managing Board and CEO of the Industry Sector, in an official announcement.

The company said it intends to focus in the future on automation and drive solutions for the control of water applications for municipalities and industry.

“In the future, we will concentrate our water business on solutions along our core areas of expertise in electrical engineering. These are in the automation and drive technology used to operate waterworks and sewage plants, as well as sea water desalination plants,” said Anton S. Huber, CEO of the Industry Automation Division at Siemens, in the announcement. “For the business, which is organized in the Water Technologies Business Unit, we are looking for the right buyer with a sustainable growth perspective, who is willing to invest in this business and generate more synergies.”

Siemens Water Technologies is active predominantly in the North American market. Products and services comprise a number of different biological, chemical, and mechanical methods for water and wastewater treatment.

Siemens Water Technologies also operates a research center in Singapore, About 4,500 employees work for Siemens Water Technologies worldwide, of whom 3,000 are located in North America.

Siemens Industry Automation will continue as before to operate the business with solutions for the control, management, and instrumentation of water processes, which is part of the Industrial Automation Systems Business Unit.