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Siemens Industry Inc. plans to open a geared motor assembly and manufacturing plant as part of the company’s Drives Technologies Division, Mechanical Drives Business Unit, in Mauldin, S.C. Siemens said it anticipates opening the 45,600-square-foot-facility in Greenville County later this year and will begin hiring this month.
“The new South Carolina geared motor facility will place the company and its products manufactured in South Carolina closer to machine builders and manufacturers in the Southeastern United States,” said Doug Keith, president of Siemens Drive Technologies Division in the U.S., in a prepared statement. “The announcement of this plant adds to Siemens ability to be a single-source provider of integrated drive train solutions for industry.”
Siemens Mechanical Drives Business Unit manufactures mechanical and electrical drive equipment typically used in mechanical designs, including processing, transport and conveying systems, power generation, and many offshore applications.

The new facility will assemble Siemens new Simogear family of geared motors, featuring helical, parallel shaft, and helical bevel gear units primarily used in modern conveyor systems often found in warehousing, logistics and distribution, airport baggage handling, automotive manufacturing, and food and beverage processing.
Keith said the facility site combined all of the necessary elements Siemens was seeking in a location, including proximity to transportation infrastructure, including interstates and ports, a highly skilled workforce with reputable educational institutions nearby, a green-minded community, and a dedicated group of business partners.