Siemens SimogearSiemens’ Simogear is a new geared motor series that features helical, parallel shaft, and helical bevel gear unit types with integral high-efficient and NEMA Premium efficient motors. The new series is equipped to meet the requirements of modern conveyor systems, including those found in warehousing, logistics and distribution, airport handling, automotive manufacturing, food & beverage, and metals processing. Siemens says the Simogear two-stage helical bevel unit, with a mechanical efficiency of up to 96 percent, averages 2 percent higher efficiency than competitive three-stage units. It is available in a range of ratios, making it suitable for replacing inefficient worm and spiroid units commonly found in conveying applications. For motors, Simogear offers a choice of high efficiency or NEMA Premium efficiency models. Stepping up from high efficiency to NEMA Premium efficiency does not involve an increase in motor frame size or diameter. Simogear is designed for automation engineering. As such, it integrates smoothly with Siemens drives and automation products, resulting in simpler commissioning and faster start-ups.