Yokogawa Electric Corporation (www.yokogawa.com) inked a long-term maintenance contract with CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC, www.shellchemicals.com) under which it will maintain the instrumentation equipment at CSPC’s Nanhai Petrochemical Complex in Huizhou, China. The contract is for a period of just over four years, from November 1, 2005 to December 31, 2009. Yokogawa will provide round-the-clock support for the Yokogawa products installed throughout the plant, ranging from central control monitoring facilities, such as information management systems and FOUNDATION fieldbus-compatible integrated production control systems to field devices.

In line with these initiatives, Yokogawa moved its Global Response Center, the core of Yokogawa’s service system, to its Tokyo headquarters and installed new facilities there in June 2005. The company also established a new response center in Shanghai in July 2005.