Crane Pumps and Systems”Barnes EcoTRAN pressure sewer system is a residential basin package that preserves groundwater ecology bycollecting and grinding residential sewage in an underground basin andtransmitting the waste under pressure to a remote private or municipalwaste treatment plant. Pressure sewer systems provide an economicalsewering solution for waterfront, hilly, remote, or otherwisechallenging properties. The lower basin is always the same, and theriser pipe is easily adjusted to the desired depth on the day ofinstallation.  Pre-installed, epoxy-coated rebar simplifiesballasting and, regardless of the depth, requires only 1/3-yard ofconcrete to set in place. Three inlet positions provide substantialpiping location flexibility. The system comes with a choice of twocentrifugal grinder pumps, including silicon carbide mechanical sealsand 100,000-hour bearings. The unit is also provided with an automaticpressure switch to control pump operation that is immune to greasebuild-up. Users have a choice of three rock-shaped covers, Cape Cod Grey, Sandstone, and Sierra Red.