Sealant Equipment & Engineering’s Servo-Flo 404 System is a compact shot meter and integrated dispense valve for robotic and automated dispensing applications, such as bonding, gasketing, filling, and sealing operations. The positive-rod displacement and servo-motor design can dispense abrasive and filled adhesives and sealants such as epoxies, silicones, and urethanes. The meter has a quick-change dispense valve for accurate start-stop of material flow. The meter can be mounted to a robot wrist, moving automation, or fixed mounted. System design selections include volume size, temperature control, valve selection, vision, and system integration. The unit”s closed-loop processor provides precise shot volumes, consistent bead diameters, and variable bead diameters during the dispense cycle. Using a touch-screen interface, the operator can set flowrates and material volume, and the automation selects stored flowrate and shot-volume programs for different parts.