Varna PumpVARNA Products has expanded its Extreme Duty, Whisper Vane XD Line with the introduction of the Model XD9. This model is a 9 GPM (34 lpm) self-priming vane pump driven by an industrial 1 HP IEC Motor with built-in fan. It is rated for 230VAC/460VAC at 60 Hz and 200VAC/400VAC at 50 Hz up to 100 PSI (6.9 bar). The XD9 can be used with poor lubricity and low-film strength fluids in a wide variety of applications—circulation, transfer, metering, etc. The XD line is a good fit for challenging applications with low temperatures and highly viscous fluids. The pump head can be rotated on the motor in the field to align the pump ports for installation in space-constrained applications. The mounting base can also be removed and reinstalled to change the integrated wire connection box. –