Asashi AmericaAsahi/America, Inc.’s complete QM Remote Cycle unit consists of an Asahi/America Series 94 electric actuator with self-powered battery and open/close timer mounted to a ball or butterfly valve for use in remote areas where power sources are limited or unavailable. The QM Remote Cycle features a NEMA 4X-engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim, on/off switch, adjustable open and interval times via dip switches, and manual override. The QM Remote Cycle’s 12vdc rechargeable battery can cycle 1,100 times once fully charged. The QM Remote Cycle and Series 94 quarter-turn actuator can be mounted to Asahi/America Type-57 butterfly valves (sizes 1½ inch–4 inches), and Type-21 ball valves (sizes ½ inch–2 inches). The unit provides continuous and reliable cycling in remote mining, chemical, and water & wastewater applications. –