Viking Pump”sUniversal Seal series pumps now support operation up to 365 M_/Hr (1,600 GPM) with the releaseof the RS size. The internal gear pumps can developpressures to 14 BAR (200 PSI). They handle viscosities to 2,000,000 SSU(440,000 cSt) and fluid temperatures from -84 C to 427 C (–120 F to800 F). Models include the RS324A (cast iron), RS323A (steel), andRS327A (316 stainless steel). The Universal Seal design allows users to select a sealing optionfrom among cartridge seals, component mechanical seals, or packing. Seals can also be changed in the field to adjustto new operating conditions. Enlarged bearing housing providesin-line access to bearings and seals and allows easy adjustment of endclearances for continued maximum efficiency. Available jacketingoptions include all critical areas of the pump such as the bracket,casing, flanges, head, and relief valve.