seepex, Inc. (, a manufacturer and designer of progressive-cavity pumps for delivering low to highly viscous, aggressive, and abrasive media, was awarded the 2007 Global Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps Technology Innovation of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan ( The basis of the award is “seepex’s superior product portfolio and customer-centric approach coupled with a strong commitment to innovation …” said Dushyant Mehra, the Frost analyst responsible for researching the rotary PD pump market, in a prepared statement.

Nearly 90 North American pump manufacturers were analyzed in the Frost & Sullivan study. Pumps are second only to electric motors as the most commonly used piece of industrial equipment, according to Frost.

seepex was cited by Frost for the particularly unique products it sells to the oil & gas production market, food and beverage manufacturers, and pumps that are used for metering applications in water and wastewater treatment plants, paper mills, and power plants.