Brooks Instrument”s4800 Series LOI provides an interface to view, control,and configure the company”s 4800 Series mass flowmeters and controllers. The LOI provides a28 mm wide by 11 mm high backlit display that securely mounts directlyon top of the mass flow instrument and allows the user to power thedevice via a DC power adapter. The LOI measures the flow signallevel from the Brooks 4800 Series device and displays it on a LCDdisplay. A jog dial button allows the user to send control signals tothe Brooks 4800 Series device to adjust the flow, perform a valveoverride, zero the device, and set device configuration parameters suchas gas curve selection, engineering units, high/low alarm, andtotalizer functions. It uses LEDs to provide a visual indication ofdevice status and device mode. It also allows the user to connect aremote controller to the device and bypass the local LOI control. This local indication option is a good fit for customers inlaboratories or universities. It is also well suited for OEMcustomers, who might want to use the LOI as a tool to configure their4800 Series devices.