Viking Pump”s 125 LPM version of its Composite Mag Drive (CMD) is a
sealless, non-metallic pump designed for crucial liquid containmentapplications, including corrosive chemicals, volatile organicchemicals and flammable liquids. The pump”sengineered-fluoropolymer and ceramic-wetted material design andconstruction is capable of handling hydrofluoric acid for alkylation of refinedfuels, aqua ammonia for NOx reduction in diesel engines using selectivecatalytic reduction, and sodium hypochlorite for oxidation/disinfectionof utility water and wastewater. A patent-pending spline design allowsthe magnet to self-align while floating on the shaft with no addedfasteners. Self-lubricating, heavy-duty bearings with patent-bearinggeometry allow dry-run capabilities; and a universal flange allows forinstallation in both ANSI and DIN flanged systems. Port sizes rangingfrom .25″ to 1.5″ (6.35 to 38.1 mm) and a performance level of 100 SSU(22 cSt), normal capacity at 1,450 RPM ranging from 0.34 to 30 GPM (1.3to 120 LPM). Capacity at 1,750 RPM ranges from 0.4 to 33.0 GPM (1.5 to125 LPM), both with a maximum differential pressure of 150 PSI (10 Bar)and a maximum hydrostatic pressure of 200 PSI (14 Bar). Approximateshipping weights of the CMD series range from four to 44 pounds (2 to20 kg), with a maximum recommended operating temperature of 150 F (65C).