EagleBurgmann”s SEPROnet is an online program for seal-related data that maps seal data for systems and individual plant components. Customers can access SEPROnet in real-time from any Web browser. The program features an interface and customizable evaluations and reports. Being able to quickly view information about their pump systems and seal functions allows customers to maintain crucial production schedules and streamline maintenance, while minimizing parts inventory and related costs.

Other SEPROnet functions include:

  • Easily viewed lifecycle of individual machines and seals, including repair history over service life
  • Automatic generation of fault reports through an e-mail alert system
  • Statistical analysis of failures and details of damage to seals
  • Documentation of retrofits and technical upgrades
  • Monitoring of repair costs
  • Display of performance of entire systems including MTBR (mean time between repair) and functionality of individual seal types and applications
  • Documentation and audit trail for improvement processes (generation of action plans, automatic email reminder function, etc.)
  • Recommendations for preventive maintenance measures as well as ability to identify trends and alleviate problems before they occur

Two versions of SEPROnet are available. SEPROnet eco is a pure data management tool, allowing the customer to view their initial seal installation, along with other pertinent information relating to seal management. SEPROnet pro has the same capabilities as SEPROnet eco but also provides optional extras for internal monitoring and 24/7 evaluation of plant performance. Some of SEPROnet pro’s functions include the ability to perform statistical analysis, evaluate MTBF (mean time between failure) and determine bad actors.