Schneider Electric announced the signing of a $5.7 million energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with the city of Clute, Texas. The ESPC was designed to prepare the city’s infrastructure for anticipated population growth, making it more cost effective and energy efficient.

The implementation of a variety of retrofits to aging infrastructure are being financed through the ESPC, including lighting and water metering, as well as the installation of a new wastewater treatment plant.

The project is expected to save the city of Clute more than $300,000 in annual operational and energy costs, while also ensuring the city’s infrastructure can meet increasing demands from a larger population.

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Schneider Electric is working with the city to completely rebuild its wastewater treatment plant, including replacing the city’s water meter population and installing a new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system.

In addition to the meter replacement, the new wastewater treatment plant is projected to save the city 57 percent annually in energy costs. These savings can be attributed to the facility’s aeration system with blowers and piping that operate at the optimized air output to match the constantly changing demand at the plant instead of constantly running at full capacity.