General Monitors SM100The SM100 Sampling Pump Module from General Monitors draws combustible or toxic gases at 0.05 to 1 LPM from monitored areas to a gas detector. It is designed to measure potentially hazardous gases in areas that are too remote, inaccessible, or too cold, hot, or wet for direct-sensor monitoring. The SM100 supplies gas for up to three gas detectors for monitoring multiple gases in a single line. The module features a low-flow indicator and includes a trouble-relay that provides a local signal indication of the low-flow condition. Its rugged design and 316-stainless steel construction make it a good fit for gas detection service in a variety of harsh industrial environments. The module is available in two configurations—an aspirated model that is used with a compressed air source, and a DC pump module. The aspirated model is designed for use with instrument-grade aspirator air, up to a max aspirator pressure of 30 PSIG (206 kPa). –