Thermo Fisher Scientific”s laboratory information management systems (LIMS) offer efficiencies, improved productivity and regulatory compliance for the modern mining industry. LIMS are a component in the day-to-day management of a modern mining operation, not only to monitor the quality of the mine’s output, but also to drive increased productivity and help the mining operations comply with myriad regulatory requirements related to everything from documentation and instrument calibration to environmental monitoring. Thermo”s SampleManager LIMS offers the modern mining industry a centralized system to access data and extract information, enabling effective management of laboratory operations. The LIMS provides evidence and documentation to support laboratory compliance with ISO 17025, allowing full traceability of personnel and procedures entered and facilitating the review of all incidents, corrective actions, non-conforming results and other events. SampleManager LIMS also includes built-in functionality to handle environmental monitoring. Within SampleManager, environmental monitoring of key areas of the laboratory can be scheduled, and validation of methods allows laboratory managers to achieve continuous compliance with ISO 17025.