LJ Star SH Style Safety ClampL.J. Star’s re-introduced SH Style Safety Clamp for hygienic or sanitary connections provides convenient and safe access to a joint for cleaning and inspection. If the nut loosens over time as a result of temperature cycling or vibration, the clamp’s swing bolt is designed not to come off the fork of the clamp, avoiding a catastrophic joint failure. A steam hiss or a fluid leak will alert the operator to a problem at that fitting. The CE-compliant clamp comes standard in 316 stainless steel and incorporates a two-pin hinge that applies uniform compression on the gasket. Castings and precision grinding provide a precise fit. They feature a groove profile that provides higher clamping efficiency, and have a highly polished surface finish appropriate for a sanitary fitting. They are available from stock to fit tube OD sizes ½ inch to 4 inches. (Larger sizes and pipe schedule sizes are available upon request.) The safety clamp is available with either wing nuts for easy hand torqeuing or hex nuts for exact torque control. Also available is a spring-loaded dome nut that maintains tension on the gasket during expansion and contractions of the ferrules, a phenomenon typical of connections subject to temperature changes. – ljstar.com