Mid-West Instrument”sModel 124 differential-pressure gauge is designed for safe workingpressures of 10,000 PSI and a proof pressure of 20,000 PSI. The gaugeis available with 316/316L stainless-steel bodies, 316 SS springs andinternal parts, as well as a variety of elastomers. The gauge isover-range protected in either direction up to 5,000 PSID. Availabledifferential-pressure ranges are zero to five PSID through zero to 400PSID. Hermetically sealed SPST or SPDT magnetically actuated reedswitches are available as options, providing high and/or low alarmcontrol. One of the leading designers and manufacturers ofdifferential-pressure gauges in the United States. Available withtwo-inch, three-inch, or four-inch dials. The gauge comes with afive-year warranty.