American Sensor Technologies”AccuGauge 17-4 PH stainless steel digital pressure gauge is free ofwelds, internal o-rings, and fluid-filled cavities, making it a goodfit for applications that require high proof and burst pressures. Builtfor robust use, the transducer is packaged in a rugged NEMA 4, IP65polycarbonate body. In addition, the gauge uses AST’s patented KrystalBond technology to provide long-term stability, high output, and nozero shifts. The gauge can measure pressure in PSI, Bar, kg/cm2, inchesHg, inches H2O, and ATM, making it a good fit for all pressuremeasurement types. The gauge is also vacuum-calibrated for pressureranges under 500 PSI. A Min/Max feature allows the user to trackminimum and maximum pressure readings on the digital gauge with a pushof a button. A large four-digit LCD display accurately displaysmeasurement, eliminating the guesswork related to analog dial gauges. Abacklit display provides improved visibility in dark and marginally litareas. Units operate from a 9V long-life alkaline battery that offers atypical life of 4,000 operating hours. A four-bar battery indicator onthe unit display indicates a “LOW BAT” warning before the battery isfully discharged. The gauge also has an automatic power-off feature tooffer continuous use of the gauge before changing the battery.  Asan added safety feature, the display on the gauge will flash when thepressure reaches 110 percent of the rated pressure. The gauge offerspressure measurement accuracy of < +/- 0.5 percent of full scale,BFSL (including nonlinearity, hysteresis, and nonrepeatability) overoperating temperature ranges of -10 C to 70 C (-10 F to 160 F).