Adalet Wireless”s AWI-PS wireless pressure switch is designed for use in rugged,industrial areas where accurate pressure monitoring is needed. Available in battery-powered and AC-powered versions, the AWI-PSwireless pressure switch includes the wireless transmitter, pressureswitch, and self-contained power source all in one lightweight, rugged,case-aluminum enclosure for use in industrial environments. TheAWI-PS wireless pressure switch is designed to provide tank farms, pipelines,in-plant and other industrial applications pressure monitoring &measurement without the constraints of hard wiring. The bellowspressure-sensing elements in the pressure switch device are constructedfrom 316 stainless steel and offer adjustable pressure ranges up to0-5000 PSI. The switch design utilizes a unique, robust, and sensitiveswitching mechanism, which results in improved life, repeatability, andlower deadbands. The soluiton makes it possible to collect real-time data and realize measurable cost savings. With this systemit is now possible to avoid costly cable and conduit runs, lower laborand material installation costs, and monitor devices where cablingisn’t an option.