Solon Manufacturing Company’sIndustrial Controls Division has teamed up with ADALET Wireless/Meriam(a division of Scott Fetzer Company) to offer an integrated wirelesspressure instrumentation system. The AWI-PS wireless integratedpressure switch is designed for process applications that require arelay to close or open at a given pressure. The system makes itpossible to collect real-time data and realize measurable cost savingsfor tank farms, pipelines, in-plant, and other industrial applicationsfor pressure monitoring and measurement without the constraints of hardwiring. The bellows pressure-sensing elements in the pressure switchdevice are constructed from 316 stainless steel and offer adjustablepressure ranges up to zero to 5,000 PSI. Available in battery-poweredand AC-powered versions, the wireless pressure switch includes thewireless transmitter with integrated pressure switch, DINRail-mountable receiver and self-contained power source all in alightweight, rugged enclosure for use in industrial environments.