BETE Fog Nozzle”s HydroWhirl Orbitor is a Clean-In-Place (CIP) rotating tank cleaning machine that combines high-impact cleaning efficiency with extended operating life, reduced lifecycle costs and simple on-site service. It is a good fit for large tanks (up to 130 ft. in diameter) often found in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The nozzle system has a minimum number of moving parts and can be completely stripped and rebuilt for maintenance ON-SITE in less than 15 minutes. The nozzle system is self-cleaning and media lubricated for trouble-free operation in demanding hygienic applications. The nozzle system comes in 10 standard models for a range of tank sizes. Depending on the intensity of the cleaning requirement, the Orbitor is available in a two- or four-nozzle configuration (including high-capacity models) and provides a choice of cleaning patterns, including 360-degree and 180-degree down and up wash patterns.