Thomas Pump and CompressorThomas’s oil-less, long-life Picolino Rotary Pump and Compressor features high performance in a compact size. The Picolino is designed for a variety of applications, including medical, vacuum lifting, laboratory, air sampling, sewage aeration, and printing. This quiet, pulsation-free pump is available in two configurations—the DTE (pressure) with inlet silencer, pressure relief valve and outlet tube connector, and the VTE (vacuum) with outlet silencer and tube connector. Maximum flow is 3.5m3/hr to 12.0m3/hr (2.06 cfm to 7.6 cfm). Maximum pressure to 1.0 bar (14.5 PSIG) and maximum vacuum to 150 mbar abs. (25.1 inHg). Available in 230V/50-60 Hz, 115V/50-60 Hz(UL), and 3-phase/50-60