Pangolin Laser Systems Rotary ActuatorPangolin Laser Systems’ VRAD-1510 low-power rotary actuator features a magnetic spring-return, wide-angle capability, and linear current versus angle profile. The actuator, while conceived for use in high-speed laser scanning and lighting gear, can be used across a range of electro-mechanical applications, including mechanical and automotive systems, industrial and commercial machinery, robotics, vending, HVAC, valve control, and more. The high coil resistance allows for low-power consumption and access to two individual drive coils allows flexible single-supply unidirectional or bidirectional operation, as well as dual-supply operation. The actuator is equipped with front and rear shafts, allowing multiple points of attachment or the use of an encoder or position sensor for closed-loop operation. The actuator has a rectangular-shaped stator with exterior dimensions of 1.5 in w x 1.0 in h x 1.5 in d. –