Romtec Utilities, Roseburg, Ore., is now offering Pioneer pumps as part of its complete offering of lift stations for wastewater, storm water, and industrial water. The U.S.-made self-priming packages are designed for both retrofit and new system requirements.

Romtec Utilities designs, supplies, and constructs complete pumping systems for wastewater, storm water, and industrial process water applications. With Pioneer Pumps, Romtec Utilities will continue to design and supply package systems available with pump capabilities ranging from 20 GPM to 18,000 GPM against head conditions as high as 700 feet. Each system is available through Romtec Utilities as either a turnkey project – completely supplied and installed – or design and supply with installation done through a separate contractor.

Pioneer Pumps has been in business for 14 years and has developed a global distribution network and a sister company in the United Kingdom. Romtec Utilities is a national designer, manufacturer and supplier of pump and lift stations for wastewater, storm water, water treatment, and industrial water applications. Romtec Utilities manages all structural, mechanical and electrical components for its systems.