Rockwell Automation and AT&T have entered into a collaborative partnership with the aim of improving remote asset utilization and connected machine management. The companies announced they plan to deliver cellular solutions that help enable Rockwell Automation customers to securely collect, manage and take action on data from industrial equipment located in plants and remote sites around the globe.

The partnership brings together the AT&T Global SIM and M2X Data Service platform and Rockwell Automation’s cloud-enabled service offerings intended to give customers a more secure, flexible and scalable way to connect automation assets and industrial machinery to remote experts.  The companies say this will allow for timely and proactive preventive maintenance and operational improvement practices throughout the life of these assets.

“We’re creating solutions to help change how industrial companies operate around the world,” said Mike Troiano, vice president, industrial IoT solutions, AT&T. “Rockwell Automation brings industrial expertise and market presence, while AT&T brings industry-leading IoT platforms and communications. Together, we aim to connect people with machines to make business processes simpler and more efficient.”

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The companies are also working to develop reference architecture and validated designs for cellular IoT (Internet of Things) deployments within industrial sites. These tools are intended to guide customers in the design and use of cellular-connected assets in ways that complement the existing in-plant network infrastructure, the companies said. This is intended to help plant owners to leverage connected machine management services offered by multiple equipment suppliers without overburdening their in-plant network infrastructure or violating enterprise security standards.  

“Our combined solutions will help industry to realize The Connected Enterprise by securely connecting a large number of smart assets both plantwide and distributed in the field,” said Sujeet Chand, senior vice president and chief technical officer, Rockwell Automation. “This will result in rapid value creation for our customers.”