Flowserve’s Limitorque L75 Series of electric valve actuators usesstate-of-the-art technology to provide remote-control actuation ofquarter-turn valves and other rotary devices, including on/off andmodulating rotary-valve applications. Target markets include water and wastewater treatment, copper mining, chemical,petrochemical, process control, industrial applications,pharmaceutical, and food and beverage, among others.Features either asplit-phase capacitor AC-reversing motor or a DC motor. Valve is driventhrough a sealed, permanently lubricated gear train formaintenance-free operation. The L75 Series isavailable in eight sizes and produces torques to 3000 in-lb. Housingsare designed to TYPE 1 General Purpose; TYPE 4 Watertight; TYPE 7,Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups C and D; and TYPE 9, Class II,Division 1 and 2, Group E, F, and G. A combined location TYPE 4, 4X, 7,9 enclosure is also available as a Z option. The L75 Series featuresa baked polyester finish as its standard coating. Special coatings areavailable for extreme hazardous-environment applications.