Barnant”supdated Air Cadet diaphragm vacuum/pressure pumps are designedfor industrial, environmental, life sciences, and OEM applications.Features include improved diaphragm durability, increased vacuumand pressure performance, and upgraded switch control. The Air Cadet isparticularly well-suited for both high-flow and low-flow applicationswhere compact, chemical resistant, and economical pumps are needed. 115VAC, 230 VAC, and portable 12 VDC motor models are available – fromsingle-head and dual-head units to complete vacuum/pressure controlstations. Air Cadet pumps feature a Dacron reinforced diaphragm for increased performance anddurability and chemical resistance. The pumps provide vacuum to 23″ Hg, pressure to 23 PSIG,flow to 14 LPM or 17 LPM (depending upon model), and a per-head,free-air capacity of 0-0.9 CFM. A single-head pump can handle manytough applications, and the dual-head unit can pump independently or inparallel to double free air capacity. An updated motorfeaturing an integral on-off switch eliminates the need for addedexternal wiring and switching. The UL and CL-approved pumps do notrequire vacuum oil, and totally enclosed fan-cooled motors providequiet, reliable operations.