Swagelok’s RHPS Series general industrial regulators offer accurate pressure control from 0 to 5,800 PSIG (0 to 400 bar) in gas and liquid systems. RS and RSH model regulators employ either a spring-loaded diaphragm or piston as the sensing element, depending on the outlet pressure range desired. The RS model is available in six outlet ranges; from 0 to 43 PSIG (0 to 3 bar) up to 0 to 5,075 PSIG (0 to 350 bar). The RSH model is available in nine outlet ranges; from 0 to 43 PSIG (0 to 3 bar) up to 0 to 10,150 PSIG (0 to 700 bar). The LPRS model regulator, with larger diaphragm, offers tight control of low pressures spanning 1.5 to 43 PSIG (0.1 to 3 bar), making it a good fit for applications requiring a second regulator for two-stage reduction of pressure. Temperature range for all models is -4 F to 176 F (-20 C to 80 C). Standard material of construction for regulator body and spring housing is 316L stainless steel. Seal, o-ring, seat, and diaphragm material choices are nitrile, ethylene propylene, PTFE, and fluorocarbon FKM. (Seat material choices also include PCTFE and PEEK.) End connection sizes and types are 1/2-inch through 2 inches. NPT or BSPP pipe thread, and ANSI or D a aIN pipe flanges. A 1/4-inch female NPT gauge connection is standard on all regulator models. Standard handle is molded and ribbed ABS. Other gauge connection patterns and anti-tamper handle are available as options.