McCrometer”sself-conditioning V-Cone flowmeter is designed to reduce thestraight-pipe requirement between two devices by up to 70-percentversus other meters. The space-saving flowmeter operates over a wideflow range of 10-to-one, with low head loss and support for line sizesfrom 0.5 to greater than 120 inches. Accuracy is +/-0.5 percent, with arepeatability of +/-0.1 percent. The meter is a particularly good fitfor water well production, crowded pumping stations, filter and pipegalleries, and finished water applications. The pressure difference,which is exhibited between the static line pressure and the lowpressure created downstream of the cone, can be measured via twopressure sensing taps.  One tap is placed slightly upstream of thecone, and the other is located in the downstream face of the coneitself. The pressure difference can then be incorporated into aderivation of the Bernoulli equation to determine the volumetric fluidflowrate.