Invensys Process SystemsFoxboro 6100 Data Management Series line of digital data recorders collect and manageprocess variable information to optimize process production andregulatory accountability. The recordersincorporate advanced digital technologies to provide ease of use, highsecurity, and adaptability to a wide range of production processes,including batch applications.

The paperless data recorders feature extended input capability tocommunicate with up to 32 slave devices, providing up to 176 inputs.The slave devices can be used for data acquisition for variable processinformation including pressure, flow, temperature, and electro-chemicalanalysis, such as pH and conductivity measurements. Slave units can alsoprovide remote access to legacy product data and combined recordingand process control functionality. The process value input can bedivided between as many as 12 different groups for a broad range ofdata viewing and reporting.

The recorders can be used in stand-alone applications or easily integratedinto a larger system. Adaptable functionality allows the recorders tooperate as a Modbus master or slave over both serial and Ethernetconnections at the same time. Slave devices can be connected to any ofthe ports and data recorded and made available to supervisory systemsover the Ethernet network.

Data is stored in a secure, binary,check summoned format to protect data integrity. For completetraceability, the recorders provide an audit trail and recordedlogin feature, which records every transaction when users logon,complete operations, or change the configuration. The recorders alsosupport electronic signatures in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 11requirements.

In addition todigital data acquisition and management, the Foxboro 6100 series haspowerful batch functionality that can run up to 12 simultaneousbatches. Batches can be started and stopped independently and eachbatch has up to 10 fields to enter data.

The Foxboro 6100 Series includes two models. The basic Model 6100 AF includes a 5.5-inch_ VGA 16-bit color display with touch screen, up to 18 universalinputs, up to 12 relays, and up to 146 communication inputs. For morerobust applications, the Model 6180AF includes a 12.1-inch XGA 16-bitcolor display with touch screen, up to 48 universal inputs, up to 27relays, and up to 176 communication inputs.