Flow Control magazine presented its second Pump Guy Seminar of 2010 last week (May 11-13) in Los Angeles, with Larry Bachus (a.k.a. “The Pump Guy”) bringing his unique brand of training to an eager group of attendees at the Crowne Plaza Irvine. The event marked the 7th Pump Guy Seminar Flow Control has presented since Oct. 2007, and it will be followed by two more Pump Guy Seminars later this year — Sept. 14-16 in Chicago and Oct 12-14 (Location TBD).

Mr. Bachus, a regular contributor to Flow Control magazine and a Flow Control Editorial Advisory Board member, offered up a spirited series of lectures at his May 11-13 training, and he pulled no punches as he stressed the importance of having pressure gauges installed on the suction and discharge sides of the pump. “You wouldn”t drive a car without a speedometer or a fuel gauge, would you?”, Mr. Bachus asked.

All told, the three-day event covered a range of pressing pump-related topics, such as NPSH, Cavitation, The Affinity Laws, Efficiency, Pump Classification, Pump Curves, System Curves, Shaft Deflection, Pump Motor Alignment, Bearings, Pump Packing, Mechanical Seals, and Pump Piping.

The response from attendees was extremely positive, with one person commenting, “Thank you for putting on the excellent pumping class. I am recommending it to the rest of the site.”

For more information on upcoming Pump Guy Seminars and a full course outline, please visit www.flowcontrolnetwork.com/events.asp. For photos from the May 11-13 Pump Guy Seminar in Los Angeles, visit our Facebook page at www.tinyurl.com/y95upfe.