SchneiderElectric”s Telemecanique brand Modicon M340 programmable automationcontroller (PAC) offers reliable real-time logic solving, as well ascommunication and database manipulation capabilities in multipleprogramming environments. The PAC features a full range of programmablecontrollers designed to affordably and effectively handle therequirements of very complex processing applications, such asmulti-basin aeration control or membrane filtration, to morestraightforward applications such as grinders and belt presses. TheModicon family of PACs improves process performance by providingexceptional control and reliability, in addition to simplifying setupand implementation by standardizing on a single programming tool. TheModicon M340 PAC’s hardware and software is tightly integrated, andlike the more advanced Modicon PACs, it can be configured usingSchneider Electric’s Unity software suite. The Unity suite offers achoice of five IEC languages, graphic programming, and advanced onlinehelp. In addition, users can reuse developments among these PACplatforms to obtain maximum cost efficiencies and quality.