PresoMeters”fire-pump flowmeter systems are designed for simple, precise, andeconomical testing of fire-pumpperformance. Flow monitoring is achieved by allowing theoperator to read the water flow directly in GPM or LPS. The fire-pumpsystems” primary elements are designed to produce a differentialpressure to attain accurate flow measurements. Threetypes of fire-pump systems are available for pipe sizes from two inchesto 16 inches. Models include the PFA Ellipse, PFV Venturi, andthe PFB Annular pitot tube. The systems offer lowpermanent pressure loss and require little maintenance. The PFA Ellipsemodel is FM-approved. The elliptical shape is designed with aseries of ports facing the upstream velocity pressures and flow sensingports strategically located ahead of the trailing edge flowseparation.  The PFV FM-approved model features the PresoVenturi. It can be installed in anyposition with minimal straight pipe requirements. The PFB Annular modelis made up of a round pitot tube. It has an accuracy of +/-3 percentandis capable of bi-directional flow measurement. Each fire-pump system includes a direct-readout gauge with a dialfeaturing a 270-degree arc for fast and accurate reading. The gauge is made ofrugged brass construction and is protected against overload by aunique diaphragm housing design. When the pressure differenceexceeds the range, the gauge will accept the accidental application ofup to 60 PSIG without damage.