RASIRC, a provider of steam-purification equipment for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, biological, fuel-cell, and power applications, has been granted a Patent #7,625,015B2 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a novel adhesive and weld-free assembly technique for working with hollow fibers and ultrapure materials. The patented process allows for the simultaneous sealing of multiple tubes within a single outer shell when an external radial compressive force is applied. The seal is used in the company”s RainMaker Humidification Systems (RHS) and RASIRC Steamers.

The seal enables multiple thin-wall lumens to be assembled into RainMaker humidifiers or SPA, Steam Purifier Assemblies. The RainMaker humidifiers control the transfer and purification of water vapor directly into a carrier gas stream, including inert, corrosive, and flammable gases at a wide range of flowrates for use in solar, microelectronics, and other critical process applications. Unlike nebulizers, bubblers, and other spray-type vaporizers, the RHS prevents water droplets from entering the process, enabling better uniformity and lowering contamination.

The ultra-pure seal enables the RASIRC Steamer to deliver steam at part-per-trillion level purity. The creation and validation of this seal enables the use of high-purity ionic hollow fiber membranes for steam purification. Because of high temperatures and pressures, common purification materials break down.