Metcar SealMetallized Carbon Corporation’s custom radial seal ring assemblies, also known as packing rings, are used to prevent leakage of industrial blowers, pumps and other turbo machinery by sealing the clearance between a rotating or reciprocating shaft and the stationary housing. More than 150 grades of proprietary carbon/graphite material are available for customization. The packing rings are a good fit for sealing both liquid and gases for a range of applications, including aircraft turbine engines, blenders and mixers, furnace exhaust blowers, and oil-free piston compressors, as well as ship propeller shafts, steam turbines, and water pumps and turbines. Two types of radial seal rings are available. The “close clearance” version is a one-piece, solid ring made to fit with close clearance on the outer dimension of the rotating or reciprocating shaft. The carbon-graphite ring also comes in a version made for thermal expansion, which is shrink-fitted into a metal retaining ring, providing the assembly the same thermal expansion rate as the shaft. –