Racine Federated (www.racinefed.com) reached an agreement with J-TEC Associates (www.j-tecassociates.com) to acquire J-TEC’s industrial vortex flowmeter product line. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The acquired line will be sold under a new brand name, Racine Vortex.

J-TEC is a designer and manufacturer of general purpose and specialty flow measurement products that use an ultrasonic method to detect vortex shedding. J-TEC produces vortex flow sensors used in the automotive industry to measure air intake, blow-by gases from the crankcase, and exhaust flows during internal combustion testing. J-TEC has recently developed additional products targeted at the automotive market”s need for high precision flow measurement of high temperature exhaust gases during engine emissions compliance testing, as required by the Environmental Protection Agency. J-TEC also incorporated this same basic technology in a crosswind sensor used in the fire control systems of military tanks and other military vehicles.

The addition of vortex-shedding technology is expected to enhance Racine Federated’s broad offering of flow measurement technology and fluid management solutions. It will be integrated into the company’s Racine, Wisc. manufacturing facility, joining Racine Federated”s family of flowmeter technologies, which include ultrasonic, turbine, insertion electromagnetic, variable-area, positive-displacement, and differential-pressure primary flow elements. Racine Federated was founded in 1970 and is a privately held manufacturer of flowmeters and internal concrete vibrators. Racine Federated products are sold under the following trade names: Blancett, Dynasonics, Flo-tech, Hedland, Preso, and Wyco.