David W. Spitzer
David W. Spitzer

Which of the following flowmeters measure the velocity of the fluid passing through the flowmeter? 

A.    Coriolis mass
B.    Magnetic
C.    Orifice plate
D.    Oscillating piston
E.    Oval gear
F.    Thermal
G.    Turbine
H.    Venturi
I.    Vortex shedder

Positive-displacement flowmeters that constantly entrap fluid to measure the actual volume were discussed last month. Oscillating piston and oval gear flowmeters are examples of positive displacement flowmeters.

Industrial Automation Insider 300x250Various technologies can be used to measure fluid velocity. For example, magnetic flowmeters measure the velocity with which a conductive fluid traverses a magnetic field.  Turbine flowmeters measure the velocity with which the fluid passes a turbine.  Vortex shedding flowmeters measure the velocity with which the fluid passes the shedder bar. 

The correct answers are Answer B, G and I.  

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Additional Complicating Factors
From an academic perspective, flowmeters that measure the fluid velocity should display in velocity units of measurement.  This is generally not done because knowing the fluid velocity without knowing the pipe size is effectively useless.  For example, knowing that the velocity in a pipe is 2 meters per second is useless without knowing the inside pipe diameter.  It is also complicated because calculations are required to determine the quantity of flowing fluid in useful units (such as kilograms or liters).

Therefore, most flowmeters that measure fluid velocity display in volumetric or mass units of measurement.

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