What is the approximate annual cost of a raw material purchased for $2 per liter that flows into a chemical process at 10 liters per minute?

A. $1 million
B. $2.5 million
C. $5 million
D. $7.5 million
E. $10 million

The annual cost of material valued at $1 per unit flowing at one unit per minute can be calculated as follows:
($1/unit) x (1 unit/minute) x (60 minute/hour) x (24 hours/day) x (365 days/year)

The calculated value is $525,600 per year, but this can be approximated as $500,000 per year and used as a rule of thumb.

Therefore, the approximate annual cost of this raw material is Answer E: $10 million (2 x 10 x $500,000).

Additional complicating factors

The value of the flowing material should be considered when selecting a flowmeter because more accurate measurement can often enable tighter control. In some applications, this can enable the plant to consume a lower amount of the raw material, making the process more efficient.

In general, measuring materials with large economic value can often justify the purchase of more accurate (and often more expensive) flowmeters.

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